Bike / Walking

If you come by bike or on foot, the advice route is as follows;

  • From Darwindreef: Darwindreef, cross Robert Kochplein on the south side and then follow the Gageldijk in the direction of Groenekan.
  • From Gageldijk: Keep following the Gageldijk in the direction of Groenekan.
  • From Koningin Wilhelminaweg: follow the Koningin Wilhelminaweg and then the Gageldijk follow direction Utrecht.

After the festival you can only cycle through the Gageldijk in the direction of Robert Kochplein. The Koningin Wilhelminaweg can only be reached from the Bastionweg during the outflow.

Bus tours

Planning on traveling to Soenda Festival by bus? Visit for a cozy bus trip from Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Nijmegen & many more cities.

Public Transport

Check the official NS Website or app for your trip towards Utrecht Overvecht NS Station. From Utrecht Overvecht there will depart shuttle buses to Soenda Festival. 

The first shuttle bus will depart at 11:45 AM. Buses will be available all day long. You can purchase a bus ticket for €7,-. Buy your bus tickets.

Website NS: 

Shuttle bus (Utrecht Overvecht Station)

Shuttle bus tickets are available online and at the buses. Pick-up location: Utrecht Overvecht NS Station (Overvecht side). 


If you travel by car, use Koningin Wilhelminaweg 517, 3737 BG Groenekan as a navigational address. 

You can buy your parking ticket in advance or on the day itself.


Lost & Found

Lost something?

Soenda is over, you had a great time but you lost one of your personal belongings? No worries!

Send an e-mail to and check out if your belongings have been found. 

Ticket sales

Where do I buy a ticket?

You can purchase your ticket online at the ticket shop. 

How do I find out when tickets go on sale?

Once the event date has been announced, the date at which ticket sales start will also be made public. This information can then be found on Facebook or on the event website.

Can my ticket be scanned from a mobile phone?

Yes, this is possible. Please make sure to have your ticket open and ready when waiting in line for the event. 

Lost your ticket?

Go to to find your tickets.

If a Soenda edition is sold out?

We urge you to buy tickets from Buyers will receive a 100% new unique ticket since the original ticket that is being resold will be made invalid through Ticketswap. Please make sure you follow official channels only.


Is it possible for me to take my medicine with me onto the event grounds?

Yes, medicine is allowed in, as long as it’s stored in its original packaging. You also have to bring your doctor’s prescription with you. All medicine brought in will be checked by medical personnel at the entrance.


Food and drinks

Can I bring my own food and/or drinks to the event?

No, it’s not allowed to bring food and/or drinks with you at either indoor editions or festivals.

Can food be purchased at the event?

Yes, at both indoor editions and festivals a wide selection of food can be bought.


Please check the terms & conditions for our door policy.


If you would like to help us out, please send an e-mail to


Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.



Lockers can be rented in advance until Thursday night (if the Soenda edition is on Saturday). The e-codes will be sent out on the night before the festival. Lockers will also be available for rent on the day itself.

Your hearing

Wear earplugs

Enjoying music at Soenda is great, so long as it does not damage your hearing. If you don’t own a set of earplugs, you can get one for just two tokens at any bar. These are high-quality plugs made by Pluggerz that you can wear more than once. Where do you stand? Enjoy the music as safe as possible: check which spot in the room gives you the best hearing experience but isn’t too close to the speakers. Keeping a distance from them is important: too near may damage your hearing. Give your ears some rest Find a quiet place every once in a while to give your ears a short “break”. Check out 'I love my ears' Check out for more information about your hearing.



The minimum age for Soenda is 18 years.

This will be checked at the door and, in case of doubt, ID will be asked for. You can be denied access if you don’t have it with you. We kindly ask you to come prepared. 



For questions or suggestions, please contact Soenda either before or after the event through the phone number or e-mail address below:

Soenda B.V.
Leidseweg 125
3533 HC Utrecht
030 243 37 17


Do you want to report about Soenda Festival? Please email us at

Terms & conditions

Privacy statement & general conditions