Where does Soenda Indoor Festival take place?

Soenda festival takes place in the Fabrique (Westkanaaldijk 7 Utrecht).

When does Soenda Indoor Festival take place?

Soenda Indoor Festival takes place on Saturday the 26th of February 2022. The festival site is opened from 13:00 – 20:00h.

During which times is it possible to enter Soenda Indoor Festival?

The entrance to Soenda festival is open from 13:00 until 20:00. After this, it won’t be possible to enter the festival as the entrance will be closed.

Can I leave Soenda Indoor Festival and re-enter at some other time during the day?

No, unfortunately, this not possible. After leaving Soenda Indoor Festival you can only re-enter the festival with a new, unscanned ticket.

From which age can I visit Soenda Indoor Festival?

To visit Soenda Indoor Festival you have to be at least 18 years old. Your ID might possibly be checked. If you aren’t able to show your ID it’s not possible to visit the event, unfortunately.

Do I pay with tokens at Soenda Indoor Festival?

No, during Soenda Indoor Festival we don't work with tokens but with a system where you pay directly at the bar or food truck with your order. You pay through your debit card. Unfortunately, cash payment is not possible.

Can I pay with PIN and/or cash at Soenda Indoor Festival?

During Soenda Indoor Festival it’s only possible to pay with PIN, payment with cash is not possible.

Are there lockers at Soenda Indoor Festival?

Yes, there are lockers available for rent at Soenda Indoor Festival. In these, you can store your clothing and valuable items which you don’t want to carry around with you at all times. The lockers can be opened and closed endlessly. You can rent a locker online in advance or during the festival at the locker desk. We advise you to rent a locker in advance, this means you don’t have to queue and wait at the festival. The use of a locker is at its own risk.


Where can I buy my tickets for Soenda Indoor Festival?

Tickets are available at the website of Soenda Indoor Festival and the website of our ticket partner Eventix. We strongly advise you to only buy your ticket via the official presale addresses and TicketSwap. The organization can only guarantee for these tickets to be valid and provide a service based on that.

What if Soenda Indoor Festival is sold out?

We strongly advise you to buy your tickets via Ticketswap when Soenda Indoor is sold out. Ticketswap is an official ticket partner. The organization advises against the purchase of tickets via a third party because the organization can’t guarantee that these tickets will be valid. The organization can only guarantee for these tickets to be valid and provide a service based on that.

Is it possible to scan my ticket on my mobile?

Yes, please! In order to do so please turn up the brightness of your phone to 100% and keep your mobile-ready.

I’ve lost my ticket for Soenda Indoor, what now?

This can happen of course. Check our inbox and spam box of your e-mail first to be sure. If you really can’t find it, check your bank account and look for the order number that is listed in the description of your payment. You can use this order number to find your tickets HERE on the website of Eventix.

How does it work if I’ve rented a locker online?

In case you’ve rented a locker online via our ticket shop, you will receive an e-mail at 19.00h on the day before the festival. In this e-mail, you can find your locker number and the pin code of your locker. This means you don’t have to visit the locker desk at the festival, you can look up your locker right away and use it. If you haven’t received a locker number and code please contact Lockerbox via or visit the service desk at the festival with your proof of purchase.

Lost & found

I’ve lost an item and Soenda Indoor Festival and would like it back, what now?

All lost & found items are collected after the festival and will be posted on Monday afternoon after the festival latest on the Facebook event page. If you recognize your lost item you can collect it at the office of Elevation Events, Leidseweg 125, 3522 HC Utrecht. For questions, you can contact

I’ve left behind something in my locker, what now?

Items that were left behind in the lockers will be taken by the rental company of the lockers (Lockerbox). Did you forget something? Fill in the ‘Lost & Found’ form on the website of Lockerbox and they will contact you.

Hard cups

Do you work with hard cups at Soenda Indoor Festival and how does this work?

All drinks are being poured in reusable cups or PET bottles at Soenda Indoor Festival. How does this work? You pay 0.5 tokens for your first cup or PET bottle. Is your cup or bottle empty? Return it at the bar when you’re getting a new drink and your cup or PET bottle will be switched with a new cup or bottle. Are you done with your cup? Then you can return it at the bar and temporarily switch it for a cup token. When you want to get a new drink all you only have to return is the cup token to receive a new cup or bottle which means you don’t have to pay for it again.

Why do you work with hard cups?

Several types of research have shown that the use of hard cups contributes to a sustainable event significantly. For this organization alone the use of hard cups saves out two million single-use cups/bottles on a yearly basis.

Can I keep my cup?

Yes, you may, but please realize that a cup can only become sustainable if we can reuse it during our next event. Are you leaving? Return your cup to the bar. You will then receive a cup token which you can use to win several cool prizes!

I have a cup token, what can I do with this?

With the cup token, you can win several cool prizes. We’ll announce the winning cup numbers in the Facebook event (and Instagram page) on the Monday after the event. You can use this number to check if you’ve won a prize.


Staying up to date

How can I sign up for the Soenda newsletter?

Sign up HERE for the official Soenda festival newsletter and stay up to date with important information and the latest programming updates.

Which social media channels does Soenda use?

Follow Soenda festival on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and keep an eye on this website. Share your pictures with #soendafestival so we can see them pass by as well – we like this!

Are there apps for Soenda available?

Yes, the WOOV app is active during Soenda. In this app, you can find all the info like the festival map, the timetable, and information about food and drinks. Download the WOOV app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I become a Soenda ambassador?

Yes, this is possible. If you’d like to be a Soenda festival ambassador please send an e-mail to and we’ll explain to you how this works.

House rules

Are there house rules applicable during Soenda Indoor Festival?

Yes, to make sure Soenda Indoor Festival will be fun we’ve drawn up a number of house rules. Below you can find a summary of the answers to the most obvious questions about these house rules. The shortened house rules can be found HERE. Do you want to read the house rules in full? These can be found in the general conditions and HERE.

What can I and can’t I bring to Soenda Indoor Festival?

A number of items aren’t allowed to keep Soenda festival safe and fun, i.e. glass items, plastic bottles, water bags, canned items, fireworks, nitrous oxide cartridges, spraying cans, drones, umbrella’s, selfie sticks, and other – subject to the judgment of the staff – disturbing or dangerous items too as drugs, (fire)weapons and /or other dangerous objects or fabrics, food, (alcoholic) drinks and/or pets (with the exception of service dogs or similar). You will be denied entry to the venue and the police will be notified if prohibited items are found on you.

Can I bring a bag to Soenda Indoor Festival?

Yes, small bags are allowed. However, it is strongly advised to bring only essential items to the festival. Large bags are discouraged, also because the locker has a limited size which means large bags/suitcases can’t be stored.

Can I bring my photo or film camera to Soenda Indoor Festival?

This depends on the camera. Small, non-professional cameras and phones are allowed, but only if the recordings are for personal use – the publication of these images is prohibited. Professional photo- and film equipment can only be brought inside if you are in the position of press accreditation.

Are drugs allowed at Soenda Indoor Festival?

No, drugs are not allowed just like everywhere else in The Netherlands. Drugs that are condoned in The Netherlands are also prohibited at Soenda festival. Soenda festival has a zero-tolerance policy in the field of drugs. In the detection of drugs, you will be denied entry to the festival/you will be removed from the festival and the policy will be informed.

Is there a dress code for Soenda Indoor Festival?

No, there is no specific dress code but a neat appearance is required. The wearing of a football shirt and/or discriminating and/or other offensive clothing, as well as face-covering clothing is not allowed at least.

I would like to advertise or sell something at or around the Soenda Indoor Festival venue, is this possible?

No, without written consent it is prohibited for any third party to promote/advertise and/or sell goods/services, like nitrous oxide and/or food at or around Soenda festival.

Is smoking allowed at Soenda Indoor Festival?

Yes, smoking is allowed at Soenda Indoor Festival but only in the uncovered areas. Whilst smoking outside, keep your fellow visitors in mind and always dispose your cigarettes in a bin.

Can I bring my E-cigarette and accompanying liquids to Soenda Indoor Festival?

Yes, you may bring in one E-cigarette to Soenda festival. The accompanying liquid can only be brought inside if the package is new and sealed (maximum of 1 package per visitor). The smoking of an E-cigarette is only allowed in the uncovered areas, just like the smoking of a regular cigarette.

Can I bring my pet to Soenda Indoor Festival?

No, pets are not allowed at Soenda Indoor Festival (with the exception of service dogs or similar).

From which age can I visit Soenda Indoor Festival?

To visit Soenda festival you have to be at least 18 years old, your ID might possibly be checked. If you aren’t able to show your ID it’s not possible to visit the festival, unfortunately.

How does the access control operate at Soenda Indoor Festival?

Whilst entering Soenda festival you will be requested to cooperate with a voluntary visitation of yourself and the items you’re carrying. You always have the possibility to choose a security staff member of your own gender for the visitation. Make sure to pick the right queue in order to do so. If you don’t want to be searched, we can’t let you enter the festival venue, unfortunately.


Celebrate safe

Before the party:

Check the weather forecast and look for tips under the heading ‘Weather’. Make sure you don’t bring any valuable items/leave any valuable items in your care and watch out for pickpockets. Follow the instructions of our safety staff at all times. Let the people back at home know that you’re okay with an SMS in case of an unusual situation 

Sexual harassment:

Sexual violence or sexual harassment is not tolerated at Soenda festival in any way. In case you feel harassed or threatened: please report this to the organization. You can do so at all the security or first-aid staff members. They will aid you and contact a superior from the organization who can further help you. All the security staff members have followed a course and know how to handle the situation. There are female security staff members present as well. At the first aid post, there are professionals you can aid you. You can also report the situation online. Sen dan e-mail to (this address isn’t monitored permanently). In the case of transgressive behavior you can also file a report with the police. The organization can assist you with this if wanted. Obviously, all notifications are treated confidentially. You can find more general info at about medical and psychological advice and about how to press charges.

Alcohol and drugs use:

It’s well known that there are risks to the use of alcohol and/or drugs. But be extra careful when using alcohol and drugs at a temperature above 20 degrees Celsius. Alcohol and drugs increase the body temperature. So, if you’re dancing for a long period and drink too little the risk of overheating increases. Make sure to drink plenty of water but also not too much: 1 or 2 glasses per hour maximum. If you drink too much water in a short period there’s also the risk of water poisoning. If someone dies when using alcohol/drugs this is usually caused by overheating or water poisoning due to alcohol/drugs. So be extra careful and make sure to cool yourself down every now and then. Look out for each other and don’t leave each other’s side. Make sure to test your drugs before you visit the festival, you can’t do this at the festival itself. Visit and for health risks and more information.

Hearing protection:

Soenda festival supports the ‘I Love My Ears’ I campaign because we find it important that you will be able to enjoy good music not just now but also in 20 years from now. You should take good care of your ears because of this. You can find a number of useful and handy tips at on how to protect your ears as good as possible whilst still enjoying music. There are earplugs available at all the bars at Soenda festival.

Medical aid:

Visit the first aid post if you or one of your friends is not feeling well. Don’t be scared to tell them about your use of alcohol or drugs: the better you inform them about the situation, the better they are able to help you. The medical confidentiality is applicable here as well which means we won’t press charges, so feel free to share.

After the party?

Forced and unsafe sex are more common when people are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Respect one another and check out for more information on unsafe sex. Next to this, the use of alcohol and drugs can result in concentration impaired and a lower responsiveness rate which causes you to be a danger to yourself and other road users. Make sure to stop on time and to adjust your transportation to this. And don’t forget to drink water or isotone drinks to replenish your fluids before you go to sleep.

Local residents (buurtbewoners)

Information about Soenda Indoor Festival

What is Soenda Indoor Festival?

Soenda Indoor Festival is an electronic-orientated music event with local, regional, and national appeal, which is visited by approximately 5.000 people from 18 years and older.

Visitors come to the event for the performances of national and international artists. At Soenda Indoor Festival there’s both room for young, local talent as for the international established names. Next to the various performances, there’s also room for food trucks with delicious food, there are installations of artists and architects that can be admired and there are spectacular decors and light shows to be seen.

Where does Soenda Indoor take place?

Soenda Indoor takes place at the Fabrique in Utrecht. 

When does Soenda Indoor take place?

Soenda Indoor takes place on Saturday the 26th of February 2022. The event starts at 13.00h and is finished at 23.00h.

Who organizes Soenda Indoor Festival?

Soenda Indoor Festival is organized by Soenda Indoor B.V, which is part of Elevation Events. The organization from Utrecht is founded in 2009. The organization is involved in the development and organization of events: from concept to implementation. The self-producing organization contributes - with their creative and renewing concepts - to the appealing event agenda of young adults in Utrecht and the surrounding areas.

Are companies around the Westkanaaldijk just accessible?
Yes, all companies around the Westkanaaldijk are accessible, but it can be a little busier are on the Westkanaaldijk or you may experience some delay. We ask for your understanding.

Are there measurements and checks being carried out in terms of sound?
The agreements regarding noise standards are established by municipality Utrecht. A specialized bureau places several measuring points in the area of the event venue on behalf of the organization.
Next to this the organization is able to carry out measurements at other locations. This equipment can be read out from a distance. There are measuring points installed on the stages as well so that the sound can be adjusted accurately if needed. Next to the own measurements on the initiative of the organization the environmental service region, Utrecht will check the sound on behalf of the municipality.

What tasks does the organization carry out to limit noise pollution?
Before the event a sound engineer draws up a sound plan on behalf of the organization. This is done so that it can already be examined in the preliminary phase where possible noise nuisance could arise and how this can be limited. For example, the sound is aimed at the locations where the fewest people live and advanced sound systems are used in which the sound is extinguished at the back of the speakers. Due to these measures, the noise is mainly aimed at the visitors and the noise in the areas outside is limited as much as possible.

I’m still experiencing noise pollution, is this possible?

At Soenda Indoor a lot of attention goes out to the limitation of noise nuisance. But unfortunately, there are a lot of external factors that influence the sound. The weather mainly is a factor that we as an organization can’t control but which can have a major influence. Due to changing wind, for example, if you did not experience any nuisance earlier in the day, you can experience it later in the day. Next to this, the cooling of the air after a warm day can cause sound to carry on. But also, high
humidity can cause sound to be carried on more easily which makes the sound audible from afar.


As an organization, we spend a lot of attention to the limitation of noise pollution. However, we can’t always prevent you from experiencing inconvenience. Please take into account that the sound levels are built up during the day.  If you’d like to contact us you can do so via 030-2433713 or send an e-mail to

Is the waste that is caused by the event cleaned up?

Yes, the organization has the obligation towards the Werkspoorkathedraal that the venue and its direct surroundings has to be left behind like it was found. The organization hires a cleaning company that is specialized in the cleaning of event venues. Both during and after the event the company makes sure that the venue is being cleaned. The cleaning company also makes sure that litter next to the supply routes are being cleaned.

Does Soenda Indoor do something about sustainability?

Yes, Soenda Indoor and the organization behind Soenda Indoor are committed to making the event world more sustainable and by doing so ultimately creating a better, cleaner, and more social world.
Next to this, we have created the “Local Legacy Program” to collect money by means of this foundation at, for example, our guestlist visitors. With this money, we have invested in sustainable projects during the past few years. For example, in the past year, there has been planted a 500m2 bee oasis at the event location of Soenda Festival which ensures a better habitat for bees. For more information about the sustainability policy, investments and achieved goals we’re happy to refer you to the sustainability page of this website

What is done in the area of safety?

The organization has its own safety organization that consists of:

  • Specialists in the field of crowd management and crowd control;
  • Health care professionals;
  • Mobility experts;
  • Security staff;
  • Lifeguards;
  • Fire safety advisors.

In collaboration with external parties the municipality Utrecht, the policy, GHOR, the fire brigade, and the safety region Utrecht the safety of the event is secured. Together the internal safety organization and external parties draw up a safety plan.

Where can I send my questions?

The organization can be reached via e-mail and by phone via 030-2433717. During the event, the organization can be reached via this phone number as well.



Do you want to report about Soenda?

Please email us at  and tell us more about the platform you work for, your reach, and the coverage you’re planning to give Soenda. In the week prior to the festival, we will make a press selection and we’ll let you know if you made it through the final selection. Submitting an application does not automatically mean that we grant you a press pass.


For questions or suggestions, please contact Soenda either before or after the event through the phone number or e-mail address below:

Soenda BV
Leidseweg 125
3533 HC Utrecht
030 243 37 17