There are e-lockers on site where you can safely store your jackets and other belongings. You will find the lockers next to the festival entrance. It's possible to buy a locker in advance through our website. The code for your locker will be sent shortly before the event. Of course, there are lockers for rental on the Festival day itself.



For questions or suggestions, please contact Soenda either before or after the event through the phone number or e-mail address below:

Soenda B.V.

Leidseweg 125

3533 HC Utrecht

030 243 37 17


Do you want to report about Soenda? Please email us at


Pin Only

At Soenda Eindhoven 2018, we will have pin only. Please leave your cash home and note that payments are only available through PIN or credit card. You do not have to buy coins anymore. Go directly to the bar, order your drink and pay with your card. The same applies to all food stands. Easy does it!

Ticket sales

Where do I buy a ticket?

You can purchase your ticket online (at the event website, the organizer’s website, Facebook or through Eventix). Tickets are also sold at all Primera stores in the Netherlands.

How do I find out when tickets go on sale?

Once the event date has been announced, the date at which ticket sales start will also be made public. This information can then be found on Facebook or on the event website.

Can my ticket be scanned from a mobile phone?

Yes, this is possible. Please make sure to have your ticket open and ready when waiting in line for the event. 



The minimum age for Soenda is 18 years.

This will be checked at the door and, in case of doubt, ID will be asked for. You can be denied access if you don’t have it with you. We kindly ask you to come prepared. 

Your hearing

Wear earplugs

Enjoying music at Soenda is great, so long as it does not damage your hearing. If you don’t own a set of earplugs, you can get one for just two tokens at any bar. These are high-quality plugs made by Pluggerz that you can wear more than once.

Where do you stand?

Enjoy the music as safe as possible: check which spot in the room gives you the best hearing experience but isn’t too close to the speakers. Keeping a distance from them is important: too near may damage your hearing.

Give your ears some rest

Find a quiet place every once in a while to give your ears a short “break”.

Check out 'I love my ears'

Check out for more information about your hearing.

Privacy Statement

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